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Who we are

With almost 60 years, each tied up with the passion, quest for and discovery of precious weaves. This is the heritage of the Di Sarno family, the pillars of D.S.V.

Carpets, which offers collectors rare and unique carpets all over Italy, from Caserta to Vercelli and Cortina.

These precious pieces not only represent a sound financial invesment, but also a piece of man's history and a way in which to enrich one's cultural and life experience.

Knowing how to invest is not easy, and doing so by elevating and ennobling mere business, fusing art, culture and history together with the privilege of possessing an important piece, is even more difficult. The reason for this is easily explained: it is necessary to be capable of choosing the right item from thousands on offer, being able to identify the piece that will become increasingly rare and important in time.

Many different skills are required in order to achieve this: intuition, talent and passion, which - in conjunction with experience - make for the perfect hunter of rare pieces. If these charateristics are combined with professionalism, another equally rare product arises: the perfect dealer. He who, before even thinking about business, chooses a carpet and buys it for himself when travelling around the world. He does so in order to satisfy his "need" to possess a unique piece discovered among other unique pieces, and to have the privilege and honour of offering it to his clients.

Recently the "design's world" attracted so much attention so that Di Sarno is trying to shape a new link within modern-quality-design relationship. Through personalization on commission, even with contacts with designer and artists, using very high quality yarn such as pure cashmere, pashmina and wool, mohair wool, and particular yarns as nettle and hemp, the carpet put itself in a new position in the modern world.

The world of carpet dealers is thus a complex one, in which Salvatore Di Sarno, a gallery owner from a long family tradition, moves with the utmost professionalism. Di Sarno followed the family vocation and became acquainted with the precious weaves as a very young man, learning to know carpets not just as a mere objecs, but as the heritage of history and man. He learned how to understand theri deepest value that associates quality with an art whose origins are lost in the midst of time - the anthropological expression of archaic cultures that link the mystic and the spiritualistic to the universe of symbols - thus managing to guide those who wish to approach something that is richness in all senses, and goes beyond mere possession, through the meaning of carpets.